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Purpose built software.

For more than 10 years, Ken and Andrew have built software solutions around clinical trial management, healthcare integrations, HIPAA compliant auditing, and SDOH solutions.

HIPAA Compliant
Ruby on Rails
Postgres Database
Amazon Web Services


Sampling of our projects and technical solutions.


User Behavior Analytics

Startup Framework

Full Stack Website and API


Scalable Messaging System

The Redbike Team

An experienced team of software development experts

Andrew Ullmann

An expert in bridging disparate technologies and building on top of legacy systems, Andrew has been able to help companies gain insights from their data with his intuitive user interfaces.

Ken Dornback

Working as Product Architect for several large enterprise software companies, Ken has built distributed applications focused in areas including data analytics, load testing, network management, telephony and SaaS.


Full Service Development

Marketplace Development

Redbike has built a number of end-to-end solutions for companies looking to provide a multi-sided marketplace. From digital asset management and delivery to consumer facing ecommerce, our solutions have helped businesses grow their reach and enter new business arenas.

Reporting & Analytics

Often a large challenge for companies is knowing what data to collect and then turning that data into actionable reports. Integrating tools like Tableau, services like Mixpanel and Localytics as well as designing and building custom systems, companies gain key insights from the work delivered by Redbike.

Data Architecture

With an understanding of reporting and behavior analysis, data architecture has become a Redbike expertise. Having extensive experience creating databases for web applications, warehouse design, and scalable architecture models, we can provide a strategy to manage your companies rapidly expanding data.

Web Development

Able to deliver on all parts of the web development stack, Redbike has built both internal and consumer facing web applications for companies large and small.

System Integrations

Redbike has built many robust integrations with modern API services and legacy software systems. Industries: Call Centers, Banking, Telecomunications, Automotive & Healthcare.

Location Services

In this always connected world the need to have location aware services has become a necessity. Using various techniques and technologies we have produced reliable and scalable solutions for web and mobile clients.


Redbike enables companies to perform at a higher level.

We work quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines with a deep attention to detail. Independently or as part of an internal team, we can adapt to your organizations way of doing business quickly and seamlessly.

We have expertise in many of the leading web and service technologies. The teams experience with data modeling, web-scale architectures and user-interface design give all come into play in crafting solutions.

On each project we start, we take a language/technology agnostic approach to find the right solution. These solutions are built to fit the customers needs today and into the future.

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